Getting Started

If you are beginning your venture into genealogy, you will quickly discover that the trick to finding family information is knowing where to look.  One of our club’s objectives is to help with this process by sharing our knowledge and resources.

Where do I start?

Start by making a family group sheet of your parents and all your siblings. Start in the present and work back to the past.

Forms can be found on:
Click on “Learning Center” then click on “Start with Paper and Pencil” Download all forms listed on the left side.
Such as “Ancestrial Chart”, “Family Group Sheet” etc.  This is a PAID site. $$$
You can also set up your Family Tree on Scroll down page to “Learn“, then click “Getting Started” Click on “Start Watching” Select each video. At the end of the video scroll down as it suggest, to “Additional Recorces”Click  on each you may want to print the PDF file.
This is a FREE site

 Our Club Website –

In the “Presentations” section , “Beginning Genealogy Online 1 and 2″ will walk you through 15 free popular genealogy websites to help you get started.

A genealogy software program can help you organize and keep track of your family information.  Check out the websites below.  (Avaliable at Orchard Creek Computer Room)  (Avaliable at Orchard Creek Computer Room) (Avaliable at Orchard Creek Computer Room)

For Mac users the following genealocial program are:  (Available at Orchard Creek Multi-Media Room)  (Available at Orchard Creek Multi-Media Room)

Have fun searching!!